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Working in the cold: what are the real risks? by Alba & N

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Posted by Alba & n, 20 November 2019

Working in the cold: what are the real risks?

Work activities that take place in open spaces or in covered spaces but with strong exposure to the elements can represent a major risk both from the point of view of the health of the operator and for the performance of the same.

This discomfort can be represented not only by the cold but also by wind and humidity; these are factors that not only increase the psychological stress of the worker but also the exposure to serious damage to health such as diseases (including chronic) and injuries caused by frost.

The body temperature, in healthy people, varies between 35.8 and 37.2 degrees Celsius, this temperature remains almost unchanged thanks to the thermoregulation of our body, which gives up excess heat in the form of radiant heat or conduction.

Working with unsuitable clothing or wearing inappropriate safety footwear leads to an increase in the transfer of heat from conduction, especially in the presence of humidity, therefore footwear with not perfectly insulating materials.

When the body releases too much heat, a compensation mechanism for maintaining body temperature comes into operation in our body, the main ones being the restriction of the blood vessels that reduce the flow of blood to the peripheral areas in order to "safeguard" the internal organs to to the detriment of hands, feet, face and other extremities.
If this dispersion continues, the reduction in blood flow can lead to an increase in muscle tone and cold tremor up to the onset of local tissue lesions.

Fundamental are the materials used in the manufacture of the work outfit which will have to minimize heat dispersion but at the same time have the right breathability that allows to limit humidity as much as possible, which could multiply up to 25 times the heat transfer of the foot.

Shoes with HI-CI materials are a new technology which, thanks to an aluminum layer, protects the foot from heat and cold while maintaining excellent breathability, excellent for defending the foot from these heat losses while maintaining high safety standards, look at the models made with this technology.

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