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Our Green Concept by Alba & N

Our green Concept

Posted by Alba & n, 13 December 2019

Our "PET Theraphy"
to save the environment

The pollution caused by plastic represents one of the most serious emergencies for our planet and for the marine species that inhabit our seas, in fact, think that every year almost 60 thousand tons of plastic material ends up in water, the equivalent of 33 thousand bottles per minute, a truly incredible amount.

In the Pacific, where ocean currents converge, there is a real island of plastic waste, baptized with the name of Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The dimensions of this island are frightening, it is estimated to be 3 times the size of France and, unfortunately, the part visible on the surface is only a small part of the waste, since a good percentage of micro and macro plastics descend deeply, thus entering indelibly in the ecosystem and in the food chain. If you think that the Pacific Ocean is really so far from our cities, an alarming fact brings us back to the harsh reality. In fact, even in the Tyrrhenian Sea there is an island formed by waste, smaller, but with a density per square centimeter very similar to that of the Pacific. Not only that, the Adriatic instead receives about 11 thousand tons of micro plastics every day (almost 470 kilos every hour).

With a view to working in unison for a more eco-sustainable world, Alba & N has launched a new line of footwear made with a “green” fabric obtained from the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles. Although eco-sustainable, this fabric has high tear and abrasion resistance performance, lending itself well to use for uppers and linings of safety shoes.

The Alba R&D department is continuing its research in this direction to reach the ambitious creation of a shoe almost entirely made from recycled materials. One more reason to choose the comfort and safety of Alba & N footwear.

Stay Tuned!

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